College Admissions Expert Elizabeth Levine: Who sizes up who when visiting a college?

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  • Elizabeth Levine

It's not just the college admissions reps sizing you up in the process, but you, as a paying customer, should be sizing up the college. Does the college fulfill YOUR needs? Consider it like buying a car. You would want to know everything about it, what's under the hood, and maybe a kick or two of the tires.

Let's start with the academics. Admission counselors should have a good handle on what student life is like in the classroom. Are there more teaching assistants in the classroom than professors? As you move up into the 3rd and 4th year of college, does the academic style change, i.e., class sizes shrink or grow, does the amount of reading and writing lessen or increase? Also, as incoming freshman, what's available for those who have not found their footing yet, needing study groups or support groups, etc.

How about asking about the decision to declare a major. Is there a deadline? What if you're unsure, or want to change it? If your chosen major can be enhanced by research, internships or study abroad, what do they offer and how do they help you find it?

Once you begin thinking along these lines, believe me, the questions will start coming more easily, and you will be better able to imagine yourself living and thriving on campus.

Ensuring you cover all of your bases when you do venture out and visit colleges, use our on-line Campus Visit Checklist that you can complete on your phone or tablet and email to 2 different emails so you can keep it for your files and future reference.

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Elizabeth Levine
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