District honors Mary 'Mai' Mezzetti
Warwick Valley High School gym accepts gift in her name

Photo provided by the Warwick Valley Athletic Department Myles Vincent Mezzetti and the Mezzetti Family are pictured with the entrance sign to the Warwick Valley High School gymnasium donated in Mary “Mai” Mezzetti’s name.

WARWICK — The recent passing of Mary “Mai” Mezzetti has been recognized by the Warwick Valley School District and the athletic community.
Mary immigrated from Ireland in 1969 along with her husband of 50 years, Myles Vincent Mezzetti
Her voice echoed throughout Warwick athletic events for all of her years in the Warwick Valley, cheering for her daughter Mary and sons James, Chipper and Mike (all outstanding student-athletes and Warwick Wildcats).
" Her grandchildren Zack, Erin, Chelsea, Kaylei, Devon, Mike, Cormac, Mia and Lochlann carry on her passion for athletics and school," Athletic Director Gregory Sirico said, "and we thank the family and many donors who gave to the Brian Ahearn Children's Fund and Purple Champions Club of which we purchased the entrance way board to the high school gymnasium.
“Mai Mezzetti’s spirit and passion for Warwick athletics and the Warwick schools," the athletic director added, "will not be forgotten."