Discourage 'this stupid fad'

This is in response to the photograph and caption entitled “We’ll always have Warwick” which appeared on the cover of the Feb. 2-8 issue of The Warwick Advertiser.
Mayor Newhard, please do not encourage couples to attach Love Locks to our beautiful Carriage Path Bridge.
Go online and see what happened to the famed Pont des Arts in Paris and to other historical bridges around the world.
At great cost to Parisians, the Parisian municipality had to perform the time-consuming task of removing 45 tons of Love Locks from the bridge railings as their weight threatened the bridge’s infrastructure.
Couples following blindly this stupid fad should think twice about the consequences of their act as Love Locks disfigure bridges, pose a real danger to their infrastructure and are costly to remove.
We would not want the same fate to happen to our beloved bridge.
Catherine de Seze,
A concerned Village of Warwick resident