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On Thursday evening, Dec. 21, Imagine Warwick held its second “Circle of Light” event at the Sanfordville Peace Wall Memorial to commemorate the Winter Solstice, one of the oldest known holidays in human history.

The Imagine Warwick committee realizes that the success of this event was due to the support of many people in our community.

We would like to extend a special thanks to acclaimed soprano singer, Jodi Weatherstone and her voice students, and to James Yap, Assistant Superintendent of Schools, for the tremendous support he offered to make this event possible.

A big thank you as well to Corwin’s Florist and Pennings Farm Market for donating evergreens to adorn the memorial site.

We also appreciate the volunteers who created the bonfire and helped light the nearly 100 candles that lit up the event.

The Sanfordville Peace Wall Memorial is a magnificent structure and is the perfect space to bring the community together.

In gratitude,

Imagine Warwick Committee:

Barbara Priestner, Beverly Braxton, Lisa-Ann Weisbrod, Ivy Tulin and Mayor Michael Newhard

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