This is in response to the story in last week's Warwick Advertiser, "One More Month," regarding the Planning Board's decision regarding Yesterdays at 16 Elm Street.

Another month of waiting for what should have been decided months ago.

Do we feel used and abused?

Do we believe there might be a "forgone conclusion?"

Why do so many families have this presumption?

How about when the chairman of the Planning Board responded to comments that there will be a noise violation: He replied (it is on video and heard by all attending that meeting) "I won't hear it from my House."

How about when the mayor made this statement: "Don't waste to much money on lawyers."

Wonder why we are feeling uneasy with these statements?

Unanswered: What happened to the 200 foot-barrier?

Why do we have a sound code if (after researching) Yesterday's will violate it?

And finally from the zoning code: Prohibited Use: Detrimental to neighborhood properties by reason of noise, odor, any factor dangerous to the comfort, peace, enjoyment, health or safety of the neighborhood.

Think that says it all. Yesterdays should not be allowed to build on 16 Elm Street.

We are sure that Yesterday's can find a more suitable location for its home that would not only disrupt an historic neighborhood, but would also be a disruption to the entire village.

David Dworkin