Albert Wisner Public Library to host three art exhibits in January

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  • The digital photography of Peter A. Kopher will be on display at Albert Wisner Public Library during January.

  • The whimsy pottery of Neva Muehlbauer will be on display at Albert Wisner Public Library during January.

  • The paintings of Souzi Montelione will be on display at Albert Wisner Public Library during January.

WARWICK — Works by three local artists will be on display throughout the month of January at Albert Wisner Public Library.

They are:

In the Board Room: Hidden perception, paintings by Souzi Montelione.

Souzi Montelione is a self-taught artist continuously experimenting with each painting to explore different techniques and styles. Her work is emotionally charged and inspired by nature, science and everyday life.

Montelione hopes you enjoy her artwork as much as she enjoyed creating it.

In the Display Cases: Wheel Whimsy, Pottery by Neva

Neva Muehlbauer lives in Warwick with her husband Ryan and her two young children, Stella and Miles.

She is a graduate of Ithaca College and is an occupational therapist who works with special needs children. Muehlbauer has been studying pottery with Marilyn Dale at the Warwick Pottery Studio since April 2006.

Balancing a new love of gardening, raising chickens and living the country life, Muehlbauer loves the feel of clay in her hands. Using wheel throwing skills, hand building skills, and combining them with a natural inclination to decorate has resulted in whimsical and delightful utilitarian ware; such as monster bowls, animal teapots, flowered pitchers, and clocks that look like houses. Muehlbauer’s wish is to keep making pots that make people happy to see and use.

In the Gallery/Community Room: Digital photography by Peter Kopher

Peter A. Kopher worked in television production for 40 years as a lighting designer and stagehand. Retired now, he spends his time pursuing his passion for still photography.

Kopher's photographs, which are a mixture of abstracts, architecture, landscapes and "found" objects, also include out-of-the-ordinary details that might not normally be noticed.

His work has been exhibited at many galleries in New York, as well as in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Fairfield, Iowa, and Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Kopher and his wife Sally formerly lived in a large house barge on the Great South Bay in Seaford - afloat amidst a large, ever-changing, de facto wildlife preserve - until Hurricane Sandy left them high and dry.

Originally from Massapequa, they now reside in Warwick.

More than 4,000 of his photos - and some digital artworks as well - can be viewed online at and

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