Photo by Jim LaPlante

Warwick Valley Rotarians recently donated $3,000 to the Warwick Humane Society’s Critical Care Fund to assist with emergency medical expenses for its animals. Community volunteer Betsy Mitchell, left, presented the check to Humane Society Treasurer Lisa Notturno. Suzyn Barron, president of the Warwick Valley Humane Society, said last year’s $3,000 Rotary donation was used for construction of a shed “to create living spaces reminiscent of a home for animals having a difficult time adjusting to the shelter environment.” The 2015 Rotary donation went for surgery on two neglected animals which have since been adopted. The non-profit humane society was established in 1954 by former resident and movie actress Gretchen Wyler. The kennels, built in 1968 for dogs, are over capacity and now are also used for cats and other animals which have been abandoned or abused. Barron was a volunteer and a director for about 10 years before becoming president 17 years ago. Barron reminded residents the Humane Society is always in need of donations of rabbit pellets, pate or canned cat food, paper towels, paper plates, bleach, Science Diet dry cat and dog food, heavy duty garbage bags and newspapers.