Congratulations for 'a job well done'

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Congratulations to the Warwick Town Board for its recent achievement in receiving the SolSmart Gold award.

This award was given for innovative changes to the way the town permits, inspects and regulates solar development.

Encouraging renewable energy in our town benefits everyone, and the streamlined permitting the town has created helps homeowners and business go solar.

The solar industry is a leading source of American job creation and it has been heartening to see the increase in solar installations in Warwick.

Solar development not only saves people money and provides jobs, but reduces greenhouse gas emissions, thus protecting the environment we depend on.

This is win-win for Warwick in that it saves the local government time and money and makes solar installation cheaper for residents and businesses.

We note with pride that the only other SolSmart Gold award in New York State was to New York City and that our permitting process time is considerably less than theirs. A job well done.

Sustainable Warwick Steering Committee:

Geoff Howard

Brian Baird

Michael Helme

Bill Makofske

Mary Makofske

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