St. Stephens CYO Basketball Program scores on and off the court

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WARWICK — The St. Stephen’s CYO Basketball Season has begun, but its not just basketball for the 7th Grade Boys team as they give back to the community.

So far this season, the boys have volunteered waiting tables at the St. Peter’s Lutheran Church Community Dinner in November and most recently building gingerbread houses for the residents of the Schervier Pavilion in Warwick.

The boys are learning to be winners on and off the court and carry life lessons away that extend well beyond athletics.

The 7th grade team consists of the following pictured: Jacob Gonzalez, Ryan McLaughlin, Joey Krasniewicz, Nicholas Noone, Harrison Neil and Josiah Jones along with those not pictured, Arthur Anderson Jr., Alex Negersmith, Michael Goldstein and Johnny Lupkovich.

"Thank you to Pastor Timothy Anderson of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church and Paulette Rudy for allowing our boys to offer their services to the community for running these events that service the Warwick community," said Chris Noone, director of the St. Stephens CYO Basketball Program. "A special thank you to Father Jack Arlotta, pastor of St. Stephens, for running a great CYO program where the focus of the program extends beyond athletics and focuses on building strong members of the church and community."

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