The 2017 Warwick Valley Varsity Football Roster

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  • The 2017 Warwick Valley Varsity Football team

Wildcats1 Kyle Rooney RB/DB

2 Noah Daigle SE/LB

3 Jared Senius QB/DB

4 Andrew Wierzbicki TE/DE

5 Harrison Parrelli RB/LB

6 Steven Mehling K/P

7 Gregory Sirico SE/DB

8 Michael Campbell SE/DB

10 Nick Garcia SE/DB

11 Matt Hansen RB/LB

12 Andrew LeDuc QB/DE

14 Jaquil Tucker SE/DB

15 Frank Davila RB/DB

17 Brandon Turner RB/LB

18 Joe Miller QB/LB

20 Anthony McGee SE/LB

21 Michael Gilmartin QB/DB

22 Connor Perez SE/DB

23 Logan Schmalfuhs SE/DB

24 Andrew Hamilton K/P

25 Jason Mann SE/DB

26 Eric Swanson SE/DB

27 Logan Jedziniak SE/DB

28 Ian Ritchie SE/DB

33 Syanne Staine RB/DB

35 Robert Maslanka RB/LB

37 Nazaire Hunter SE/DB

40 Matt Houlihan SE/DB

41 Will Noteboom TE/DE

43 Dean Dulgerian TE/LB

44 Sean English SE/LB

50 Lucas Triantis OL/DL

52 Dan Brenner OL/LB

53 Matt Space OL/DL

54 Dan Jeleniewicz OL/DL

55 Dan McNally OL/DE

56 Nick Fotino OL/DL

57 Rich Mascal OL/DI

60 Grant Dolshun OL/DL

61 Isaac Roman OL/DL

62 Alexander Avery OL/DE

64 Patrick Tully OL/DE

65 Niko Sfugaras OL/DE

66 Andre Ward OL/DL

72 Dylan Claudio OL/DL

73 Jason Hranitz OL/DL

74 Nathan Felix OL/DL

75 Ian Quigley OL/DL

76 Shea Gormley OL/DL

79 Brent Shehu OL/DL

80 Chris Patzelt SE/DB

85 Zach Ripp SE/DB

88 Dan Rodriguez TE/DE

Coaching staffHead Coach Gregory Sirico

Assistant coaches: John Garcia Sr., John Garcia Jr., Tom Maslanka, Graig McElroy, Anthony Mann, Martin Jordan, Bill Menkens, Eric Rosa, Tom Kelly and John Olszewski.

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